Welcome to Manhattan Canasta National Association

Our goal is to encourage interaction, support, and promote the art of canasta card playing through our efforts to create more clubs nationwide. 

Morgan Skelton established the Manhattan Canasta Club of New York and soon began holding weekly card games for her local members within Sarabeth's Resturants in Manhattan. This club is what we here at MCN refer to as our flagship club. 

Each week, they would gather together, spend three hours enjoying a luncheon, playing a few games of Canasta, and simply socializing. 

What started with 50 local members playing Canasta at Sarabeth's Resturant on Wednesdays with Morgan soon became more. Morgan found herself coaching new members on how to play the game more strategically. While also receiving requests from non-members who resided outside of New York for better strategies. So her lessons expanded into online as well as those willing to come to Manhattan for private lessons. The growth and development of the flagship club led her to consider broadening her reach even further and sharing her talents while coaching and encouraging others to host their clubs. While still having access to her coaching services. 

So for Many Good Reasons

Manhattan Canasta National Association was born out of demand, with others wanting to start local clubs modeled after her club. Morgan decided to formalize a national membership that would guarantee each member reciprocal access to our other clubs Nationwide. 

As an added bonus, Manhattan club members who travel between their New York homes and their Florida or Hampton homes will have access to additional clubs. The same benefits are extended to all new Manhattan Canasta National Association members alike. 

Whether it's 10 miles down the road across the county line into the next city limits, you will always have a group of Canasta card-playing friends that will welcome you into the game. Perhaps you are hundreds of miles away on holiday, and you wish to spend a few hours doing something you love and take a break even from the vacation itself. 

Search to see if there is a local club nearby. In time, we will be sharing a directory of members screen names for online games between members. You'll always find an MCN member ready to play. 

We welcome you to join today and also share in this same connection with other like-minded canasta players. We are becoming a fast-growing nationwide community of canasta players like none other. 

The price of membership to join today is only $39.00, with an annual renewal of $18.00.

Manhattan Canasta Club of New York

Manhattan Canasta Club of New York